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The 4 Types of Procrastination

There are many types of procrastination, and many of these types are categorized by how they came to be. What causes the procrastination often plays a large part in determining the types of procrastination a person suffer from.

There are many types of procrastination, and you may find you suffer from just one or combination so several. Understanding your types of procrastinations will help you to fight the procrastination more effectively.

1. Types of Procrastination - Workplace procrastination takes place on the job and may result form anxieties felt about job performance or fear of messing up. This type of procrastination usually does not extend into other areas of life, but causes really problems on the job.

This type of procrastination can impair a personís ability to earn promotions and advance. Resources for this type of procrastination include employee assistance and human resources.

2. Types of Procrastination - Fear of failure can produce another type of procrastination that is not based in lack of motivation as much as fears of poor performance.

Performance anxiety and fear of failure can be paralyzing, creating a powerful force behind this kind of procrastination that can be difficult to conquer. Counseling or therapy can help deal with te self esteem issues that name this form of procrastination so powerful.

3. Types of Procrastination - Procrastination might result from concentration problems. In this case, the procrastination might be considered a symptom of a greater condition such as attention deficit disorder.

When a person suffers from concentration problems, they might find it is very difficult to pay attention to smaller steps to a process. As a result, they may not realize these steps need to take place until the last minute.

This kind of procrastination can be difficult for a person with a concentration problem to manage because takes that are put off until the last minute tend to take greater effort and concentration to complete.

4. Types of Procrastination - Some people procrastinate on certain things more than others. Some people procrastinate more about certain projects or types of chores because they do not enjoy these chores or projects.

This kind of procrastination can only be overcome with determination. When you have a chore or assignment to complete, sometimes you have to plan for it and work towards it even when you donít want to. A lack of self discipline can foster this type of procrastination.

The types of procrastination a person can suffer from vary as widely as personalities do. Situations and habits combine to create a system of procrastination that perpetuates and create a lot of stress and anxiety.

Look into the types of procrastination you deal with today, because there are answers that can help you overcome this condition.